4K映像 「新緑の蓼科高原 滝めぐり2」日本の美しい四季 八ヶ岳山麓 長野県茅野市
掲載映像 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jPxcHJodwY
4K映像 清涼爽快「新緑の蓼科高原 滝めぐり2」日本の美しい四季 八ヶ岳山麓 長野県茅野市 6月下旬 絶景自然風景 森林浴 横谷渓谷 おしどり隠しの滝 王滝

I mixed the chirping of wild birds of Tateshina Kogen that I recorded separately.
Tateshina Kogen is a plateau located in Chino, Nagano Prefecture. Tateshina mountain in the north and Yatsugatake in the east is a resort area. It belongs to Yatsugatake Nakanishi Takahara National Monumental Park. There are many sightseeing spots such as ponds, lakes, waterfalls and other places where you can sightsee for different seasons. . There is a sightseeing spot in Tateshina Kogen in walks, activities, events, food, hot springs, history, art and various genres. It is a popular place as a spot to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in winter as a summer resort.
In addition to many leisure facilities, Venus Line running through the whole length of 76 km from Chino Town to Mikahara Plateau can penetrate horizontally and horizontally and enjoy a good view as a drive course.


約2000万年前、伊豆は本州から数百km南、現在の硫黄島付近の緯度にあった海底火山群でした。フィリピン海プレートの上にできた海底火山や火山島はプレートとともに北に移動し、やがて本州に衝突して現在のような半島の形になりました。約60 万年前のできごとです。